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Herb Olafsson (inducted 1985), #24 for the Winnipeg Grads, jump hooks in junior men's action at Sargent Park School, circa 1950.

Gerry Parkhurst - Ilchyna (inducted 1994 - builder) puts up her patented left-handed hook for the University of Manitoba Bisonettes in 1962 in the Bison East Gym. Also shown is teammate, #23, Pat Pisnook (inducted 1991).

The St. Vital Grads (inducted 1991) in action in a game in 1965 at the Senior Women's National Championships. The Grads won 11 provincial Senior Women's Championships and won a bronze medal in the first Canada Winter Games in Quebec in 1967. Shown are Grads teammates #20, Jo-Ann Schultz and #14, Marjorie Turner.

George McConnell (inducted 1984), #5 for St. Andrews goes up for a rebound in the 1938 Western Canada Finals against the Vancouver Westerns #10 "Big" Joe Ross in game won by the Westerns 40 - 33. In the original newspaper article, the caption for the photo noted "that both feet of all three players are off the floor".

Don McLean (inducted 1994), #12 for IPAC takes a jumper against CPAC in a Winnipeg Junior Men's League Game played at Inkster School in 1961. The CPAC players are #32 Frank Clark, #22 Bob Byum and Wayne Cooke. Both IPAC (Institute Prosvita Athletic Club) and CPAC (Canadian Ukrainian Athletic Club) sponsored many youth sport teams in Winnipeg's North End.

The 1957 University of Manitoba Bisons Men's team (inducted 2011) celebrate Jim Wright, #9 (inducted 1991) for his 1000th career point in a game versus Jamestown. Also shown are, left to right, #7 Dave Fraser, #11 Dave Smith (inducted 1991), #4 Rudy Schilling, Bill Novak, #3 Gord Munro and brother, John Wright.

Dan Becker (inducted 2013) playing for the University of Colorado Buffaloes in 1987 goes up for a dunk over Harvey Grant, then of the University of Oklahoma, who went on to an NBA career most notably with the Chicago Bulls.

Dori McPhail, #8, (inducted 1994) drives to the hoop in the University of Winnipeg's original home court, Riddell Hall, in a game in 1976. Also shown are teammate, Debbie Dudar (May) and official Wes Crymble.

Jerry Abernathy (inducted 2009) throws one down with authority for the Brandon University Bobcats against the University of Winnipeg Wesmen, #51 Belaineh DeGuefe and #55 Bob Magel in a GPAC game in Brandon in 1980. Other Bobcats shown are #32, Jude Kelly (inducted 2005) and #44, Keith Streiter.

Janet Lumsden (inducted 2005), #10 for the Brandon University Bobcats, soars past the University of Manitoba Bisons' Jennifer George (inducted 2005), #8, and lays one in at the BU gym in 1983.

On your mark, get set ..... The starting five for the St. Andrews Dunlops preparing for the Senior Men's National Championships in 1966. Left to right, playing coach Fred Ingaldson (inducted 1983), Dave Mills (inducted 1985), John Cook (inducted 2017), Warren Reynolds, and Les "Lefty" Kaehler (inducted 1996).

John Cook (inducted 2017) #10, playing for the St. Andrews Dunlops in the Senior Men's National championships is surrounded by eventual champions IGA Grocers of Vancouver, Billy Joe Price, #13, Al Birtles and John Kootnekoff, #44. The tournament was hosted at the University of Manitoba Bisons East Gym in 1966.

The Winnipeg Stellars (inducted 1983) in a game played at the McGregor Armories in the 1949-50 season. Right to left are Charlie Brower, Borden Cirka and Ted Kozak, whose picture is also super-imposed at the top. The Stellars won two consecutive National Junior Championships in 1950 and 1951.

Canada's Best - Winnipeg Paulins Senior Men's team (inducted 1983) arriving in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the 1954 World Championships. On the ramp top to bottom, Ralph Watts (inducted 1985 & 2015), Mike Spack (1984 & 2009), Andy Spack, Carl Ridd (1983), Wally Parobec, George Oelkers and Herb Olafson (1985). Left to Right on the ground, Dr. Max Avren (team doctor), Al Carlson (1983, manager), Jim Bulloch (1983, coach), Roy Burkett (1984), Ken Callis, Doug Greshman (1985) and Jack Meyers (Manager).

A photo showing the basketball floor in the old Winnipeg Auditorium on St. Mary Avenue behind The Hudson's Bay Store which is now the Manitoba Archives Building. This venue was the scene of many senior men's games from 1932 - 1970. Carl Ridd (inducted 1983) is #9 in the dark uniform and Mike Spack (inducted 1984 & 2009), is #10 on the left. Note the original key markings on the floor.

A photograph taken in the United States circa 1925 showing how far women's basketball has come not only in skill level but also in the uniforms - note the bloomers.

Andrea Hutchens (inducted 2009), #9 for the  University of Winnipeg Wesmen, deflects a pass in a game against the University of Manitoba Bisons in 1995. Also shown for the Wesmen is Nicole Jonker, #5 and the Bisons Stacey Yuel, #4.

Glen Torgerson, #15, (inducted 1991) takes flight for the University of Manitoba Bisons in 1957 at the Bison East Gym in a game against Morehead State College. Also shown is Bison teammate John Wright.

Joey Vickery (inducted 2005) leaves two players on the floor and in his wake on the way to the hoop in a pro game in 2002 in Tenerife playing for CB Ciudad de Huelva (Spain) in the Canary Islands.

Terry Burns, #12, in the post for Nicollet Inn, in a game versus St. Andrews Super Saints in a game in 1981 to decide Manitoba's Senior Men's champions. Also shown are teammates Grant Watson, #15, and Greg Daniels along with St. Andrews players Bob Paizen and Dan Kinaschuk, #5. St. Andrews and Nicollet won six National Senior Men's Championships in 10 years, 1972-82.

Joe Ogoms (inducted 2003), #35 for Daniel McIntyre Maroons, in action against Dan Becker (inducted 2013), #22 for Fort Richmond Centurions, in the 1983 Winnipeg Invitational Tournament (WIT) at Tec Voc High School.

The University of Manitoba Bisons in action against Concordia University at the 1975 Golden Boy Tournament (later the Wesmen Classic) at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. In the picture for the Bisons are #20 Greg Daniels, #34 Grant Watson and #14 Martin Riley (inducted 1996).

Earnest Bell (inducted 2015), #53 of the Brandon University Bobcats, goes up for the dunk in a GPAC game against the University of Manitoba Bisons in 2001. The Bisons are #12 Clarence Vigilance and Greg Pierce along with Bobcat, #40 Donald Phillips.

T.L. Johannesson (inducted 2011), #15 for the University of Manitoba Bisons, goes to the hoop against Sandra Carroll (inducted 2007), #4 for the University of Winnipeg Wesmen in 1995.

Sandra Carroll (inducted 2007), #4 for the University of Winnipeg Wesmen, puts up the shot over T.L. Johannesson (inducted 2011) of the University of Manitoba Bisons on December 2, 1994, in the game which ended the Wesmen Women's winning streak at 88 games. The game was televised nationally on TSN before a standing-room-only crowd at the Duckworth Centre.

Norm Froemel (inducted 2013) slam dunking against the University of Manitoba Bisons in a GPAC game in 1992. The Bisons are #55, Warren Nightingale and #32, Paul Bryant, and Wesmen Scott Anderson.  

Tanya McKenzie-McKay (inducted 2003), #12, in action for the University of Winnipeg Wesmen in a GPAC game against the University of Regina Cougars in 1989.

Fred Ingaldson (inducted 1983) playing for the Montana State Bobcats in 1955. Fred, a graduate of Isaac Newton High School in Winnipeg's North End, was the first Manitoban to play NCAA Division 1 basketball.

Ken Opalko, #52, (inducted 1998) grabs a rebound for the University of WinnipegWesmen versus the University of Manitoba Bisons in the Golden Boy Tournament / Wesmen Classic played at the Winnipeg Convention Centre in 1978. Teammates Belaineh Degufe, #50, Lance Rosolowich and the Bisons #15, Gary Bulloch are also shown.

Left to right, Sandra Carroll (inducted 2007), Pam Flick-Danis and Andrea Hutchens (inducted 2009) in a picture used on an iconic poster for the University of Winnipeg Wesmen in 1994 entitled "Role Models .... what you get when good people become National Champions, Academic All-Canadians and North American Record Holders." Led by this trio of stars, the Wesmen won three consecutive national championships, 1993, 94 & 95.

Norm Froemel (inducted 2013), #25 shoots a free throw for the University of Winnipeg Wesmen against the Brandon University Bobcats in the GPAC final in March, 1992 in Brandon. Also shown for the Wesmen are Rhett Turner (far right), David Korpela, #21 Jeff Foreman (inducted 2007), and John Matheson. The Bobcats are #40 Harvey Marshman, #4 Keith Vassell (inducted 2011), David Nackoney and John Rasp.

Doug Gresham (inducted 1985), Herb Olafsson (inducted 1985), and "King" Carl Ridd (inducted 1983), members of the Winnipeg Paulins, resting after practice at the first World Basketball Championships in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1954.

Eric Bridgeland (inducted 2007), #4 for the University of Manitoba Bisons, in action against the University of Winnipeg Wesmen's David Zagordo in 1993.

Jeff Foreman (inducted 2007), #4 for Canada, blocks out Ed Stokes of the United States in the 1991 World Junior Men's Basketball Championships in Edmonton, Alberta.

Gail Winston-Kendall (inducted 1994), #5, in action for the University of Winnipeg Wesmenettes in a 1978 game at Riddell Hall. Also shown is teammate, Kathy Dubesky, #10 and Coach Vic Pruden (inducted 1994) on the bench.

Belaineh Deguefe, #50, of the University of Winnipeg Wesmen goes up for the block in the 1977 Golden Boy Tournament (Wesmen Classic) held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Also shown are teammates Ken Opalko (inducted 1998), under the basket and #32 Gordie Paul.

The University of Manitoba Bisons in action at the 1976 Wesmen Classic held at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. Seen in the picture are #33 Rick Watts, Grant Watson and Doug Freeth.

Darryl Rumsey (inducted 1998), #24, Rick Watts (inducted 1998), #33 and Martin Riley (inducted 1996) confer with Coach Don Hunter in a time-out during the 1975 U. of M. Bisons season. 

Angie Johnson-Straub (inducted 1991) puts up a jump shot for the University of Winnipeg Wesmenettes in 1972 against a senior women’s team.

Ted Stoesz (inducted 1996) of the St. Andrews Super Saints scores against Windsor in the Canadian Sr. Men's Championships won by the Super Saints in Winnipeg in 1976. Teammate Dave Mills (inducted 1985) is #5. 

Terry Ball (inducted 1991), #12, in action for the University of Manitoba Bisons against the University of Alberta Golden Bears in a WCIAA semi-final, 1970.

Barry King (inducted 1994), #23, goes up for two for the University of Winnipeg in Riddell Hall, the original home of the Wesmen in 1972. Also shown is teammate Bob Allen.

Team Manitoba in the gold medal game of the first Western Canada Summer Games in Regina in 1975. Ted Stoesz (inducted 1996) challenges Tom Bishop of Alberta for the loose ball. Also shown are Ross Wedlake (left forefront), Darryl Rumsey (far left) and Hymie Fox (right) and coaches Bob Hazell (inducted 2009) and Dave Guss (inducted 2001).

Lesley Hamerton-Divers (inducted 1991), #21, in action with the St. Vital Grads Senior Women’s team (inducted 1991) in the 1971 National Championships in Saskatoon. Also shown are teammates Joanne Koskie, right, Janice Riel, left and Diane Theberge, back right.

Ken Galanchuk (inducted 1984) dribbles against the St. Andrews Dunlops as a member of the IPAC Buffaloes in Senior Men’s action in 1963. Also shown are teammate Don McLean (inducted 1994), #20 and Dick Bevan (inducted 1985), #21, for St. Andrews.

Leighton Robinson of St. Andrews scores in Senior Men’s play-off action against the Memorials in 1939 at the Vaughan Street Central YMCA gym.

“King” Carl Ridd (inducted 1983), #34 for Winnipeg Paulins, powers to the hoop in a Sr. Men’s League game at Sargent Park School. John Spottiswood (inducted 1985), #99 of St. Andrews is the defender while teammate Herb Olafsson (inducted 1985), #55 looks for a rebound.

The opening game of the 1949-50 senior men’s season at Weston School - Clint Macfarlane and Jack Stephens of Paulins are challenged for the loose ball by St. Andrews Bruce Stephens. Also shown are Dick Flower (inducted 1985), left, Jim Bulloch (inducted 1983), back right, and George Fontaine (inducted 1984), #37, back right.

Grant “Scooter” Alfonso (inducted 1985), #33 for St. Andrews Dunlops, at 5’6” challenges the big man, Billy Joe Price, #13 for the IGA Grocers of British Columbia, in the Canadian Sr. Men’s Championships at the U. of M. Bison East Gym in 1966.

Winnipeg Stellars (inducted 1983) get in some practice on the Sutherland, Saskatchewan train station platform on their way to the Canadian Jr. Men's Championships in 1950 in Cardston, Alberta. The dribbler is Mike Skwark, with Ted Kozak, Morley Rypp, Charlie Brower and Borden Cirka in the background.

Bob Town (inducted 1996), #31, lays one in for the University of Manitoba Bisons against the University of Windsor Lancers at the 1970 Golden Boy Tournament (Wesmen Classic) played at the Winnipeg Arena.

Mitch Baryluk of the Winnipeg Stellars (inducted 1984) in action against the Ft. William Bengals at the McGregor Barracks, 1951.

Loyal fans and cheerleaders supporting their University of Manitoba Bisons in the Bison East Gym, circa 1950.

Keith Vassell (inducted 2011), #4, goes up for two for the Brandon University Bobcats against the Regina Cougars in 1996.

Gord Tucker (inducted 2003) in action for the University of Winnipeg Wesmen against the University of Manitoba Bisons at the Duckworth Centre in 1986. Joe Ogoms (inducted 2003) can be seen on defense under the hoop along with Wesmen player Merv Voth, #50, and Bisons Tony House, #22, Anthony Kaufmann and Terry Garrow (inducted 2015).

The St. Andrews Super Saints (inducted 1991), Canadian Sr. Men’s Champions, in the opening ceremonies of a game against the Cuban National Team on their tour of Cuba in 1972, the first by a Canadian team.

Ross Wedlake (inducted 1996), #24 for the University of Manitoba Bisons takes the opening tip against the University of British Columbia Thunderbirds before a full-house of over 2200 fans at the Bison East Gym, 1970.

Les, “Lefty”, Kaehler, (inducted 1996), #24 for the St. Andrews Dunlops, takes it to the hoop in the 1968 Canadian Sr. Men’s Championships in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Also shown is teammate Fred Ingaldson (inducted 1983), #14.

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