Nominations will be accepted at any time until December 15 of the year before an induction year. This date will be publicized on the Hall of Fame and Basketball Manitoba websites. The Selection Committee may also consider any other deserving individuals or teams. All nominees will be eligible for three selection periods before being moved to the Appendix, where they may still be considered for confirmation if a majority of the selection committee is in agreement or there is a re-nomination submitted.

  • Three groups of Nominees: see flow chart for A, B, C: A) nominations not confirmed from the previous two induction years; B) nominations confirmed and then deferred from the previous induction year; C) new nominations 
  • The Selection Committee will consider all nominees and confirm those worthy of induction.
  • The Selection Committee will decide which confirmed nominees will be recommended to the HOF Committee and which will be deferred to the next induction year.
  • Nominees not confirmed will be considered for a total of three consecutive induction years before being moved to the Appendix.
  • See the flowchart below.


The following guidelines will be referenced by the Selection Committee in considering nominees for induction: 


Eligible nominees will be individuals of good character who consistently performed at a high level on provincial, college, university, national and/or professional teams after having played a minimum of two years in Manitoba. The following are examples of the achievements that will be considered…
  • At the university level, All-Canadian selections (first, second team and honourable mention), National Tournament All-Star selections, Conference All-Star selections, Rookie-of-the-Year selections and National Team participation.
  • Those who played high school basketball in Manitoba, whether or not they stayed in Manitoba after graduation, or those who played high school basketball outside the province but played in Manitoba after high school, will be eligible. 

Eligible nominees will be individuals of good character who have made a significant contribution to the development and promotion of basketball in Manitoba, such as coaches, managers, trainers, administrators, sponsors, officials, and media persons. All candidates should have demonstrated outstanding achievement and leadership extending over a period of years in the basketball community. Candidates need to have been born in Manitoba or resided in Manitoba during the period in which the contributions were made.

The following are examples of the contributions that will be considered...
  • Developing and coaching a successful basketball program over many years
  • Coaching with Provincial or National Team Programs 
  • Leadership and achievement with Basketball Manitoba, Manitoba Basketball Coaches Association (MBCA), Manitoba High Schools’ Athletic Association (MHSAA) or Manitoba Association of Basketball Officials (MABO)
  • Achievement with Canada Basketball in coaching and/or administration
  • Leadership as a basketball clinician/speaker/coach mentor 
  • Developing and operating basketball camps 
  • Founding or organizing basketball tournaments, leagues, clubs
  • Leadership and achievement in the sports media
  • Leadership and mentorship in the development of basketball officials 
  • Leadership and achievement with the administration of basketball 
  • Working with all ages, backgrounds, and abilities 
  • Special situations making unique contributions to the sport

Eligible nominees are provincial, college or university teams that won a national or international championship or high schools that won a minimum of 3 provincial championships within a 5-year period. For university or college teams, consideration will also be given to schools that won 3 silver or bronze medals in National Championships over a 5-year period.


The selection committee will attempt to set the size of the induction group to fit a reasonable length of time for the induction evening. Any combination of 8 confirmed nominees will be considered and recommended to the HOF Committee. If a nominee is confirmed but is not recommended to the HOF Committee, they will be deferred from the current selection round to the next. They will automatically be included in the next induction group and recommended to the HOF Committee unless new information comes to the attention of the Selection Committee. In addition, the selection committee will strive for a gender and rural/urban balance in all three categories. 


The Manitoba Basketball of Fame Committee invites members of the community to submit nominations in the player, builder, and team categories of the Hall of Fame. Nominations can be submitted at any time. However, as the Induction Dinner is traditionally held in late September / early October, the selection sub-committee of the MBHOF Committee reviews only those nominations that are submitted no later than December 15 of the preceding year.

Future nomination deadlines are... (dates may be updated or changed due to extenuating circumstances) 
  • December 15, 2025 (for Induction Class of 2026)
  • December 15, 2027 (for Induction Class of 2028)
  • December 15, 2029 (for Induction Class of 2030)
  • December 15, 2031 (for Induction Class of 2032)
  • December 15, 2033 (for Induction Class of 2034)
        Hard-copy nominations can be mailed to the address below.  Please note that all mailed materials will become the property of the MBHOF and will not be returned. 

        Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame Selection Committee
        c/o Basketball Manitoba
        145 Pacific Avenue
        Winnipeg, MB R3B 2Z6


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