Approved September 2014

The Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum (hereinafter referred to as MBHOFM) is officially incorporated through its affiliation with Basketball Manitoba and is a registered non-profit organization with the Canadian Council of Provincial & Territorial Sport Federations Inc. and the National Sport Trust Fund (NSTF) – Manitoba Chapter – Project #MB09-03. There are two sites, one virtual, on-line, at and the permanent home on the 2nd floor of the University of Winnipeg Duckworth Athletic Centre.

The mission of the MBHOFM is to induct deserving players, builders, and teams into the Hall for their outstanding achievements and contributions in the sport of basketball in Manitoba, Canada, and the world, and to preserve and showcase the rich history of basketball in Manitoba.

  • Chair – must be an inducted MBHOFM member ; calls and chairs all meetings ; acts as a representative and liaises with all groups as to all MBHOFM business ; oversees all grant applications, improvements, maintenance, and fundraising ; elected 
  • Vice Chair –  must be an inducted MBHOFM member ; chairs meetings as needed ; elected 
  • Past Chair – chairs meetings as needed ; chairs the HOF Nominating Committee  
  • Treasurer – maintains all financial records and reports at all meetings ; elected
  • Recording Secretary – takes minutes of all meetings and distributes them to all executive and board members ; Executive Director of Basketball Manitoba ; ex-officio
  • Members at Large – as many as deemed necessary with a majority being inducted MBHOFM members ; elected  

The Committee will meet at least twice each year, as determined by the Chair. All motions will need a simple majority to be passed. The Chair will vote only in case of a tie. A quorum will be defined as a minimum of five (5) members. The Committee members will be elected at the annual general meeting.

Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held as a part of the AGM of Basketball Manitoba in June of each year. All motions will need a simple majority to be passed. Any interested people may attend. The MBHOFM has one vote in all Basketball Manitoba affairs.

All monies (donations, bills, receipts, dinner ticket sales, etc.) will be channeled through the Treasurer. There will be three (3) Management Committee members, the Chair, Past Chair, and Treasurer, with signing authority on the MBHOFM account. A financial report will be available at all Management Committee meetings and at the AGM.

The following policies will govern all MBHOFM activities :

A) Nominations – Nominations will be accepted using the form found on the website at anytime until December 15 of the year previous to an induction year. This date will be publicized on the Basketball Manitoba website. The Nominating Committee may also consider any other deserving individuals or teams. All nominees will be eligible for three nomination periods before being removed from consideration for induction.

B) Induction Process –The Past Chair will form and call a meeting of the Nominating Committee in January or February of the induction year to select a slate of nominees which will be presented to the Management Committee for approval. The Chair will inform those selected for induction by telephone immediately after approval.

C) Media Conference – A media conference will be held in the Spring of the induction years to officially and publicly announce the new slate of inductees.

D) Induction Dinners – Induction dinners will be held in the Fall at the discretion of the Management  Committee.

E) Awards – Individual awards will be presented to all players and builders inducted into the MBHOFM. In addition, awards will be presented to all inducted team members including players, coaches, managers, and trainers. A banner will also be presented to the administration of the institutions or clubs being inducted.

F) Constitutional Amendments – In order to amend the constitution, a notice of motion must be presented at a Management Committee meeting before it is voted on at the AGM.


To be considered for induction into the MBHOFM the following will  be used as criteria or guidelines by the Nominating Committee :

PLAYERS – Eligible nominees are individuals who consistently performed at a high level over a number of years on provincial, college, university, national and / or professional teams; and
a) who played high school basketball in Manitoba, whether or not they stayed in Manitoba after graduation, or 
b) who played high school basketball outside the province, but played at an elite level in Manitoba.

BUILDERS – Eligible nominees are individuals, such as coaches, managers, trainers, administrators, sponsors, officials, and media persons, who have made a significant contribution to the development and promotion of basketball in Manitoba. The candidate should have demonstrated outstanding service extending over a period of years, demonstrated leadership in the basketball community, and been born in Manitoba, or have resided in Manitoba during the period for which the contributions were made.

TEAMS – Eligible nominees are provincial, college, university or professional teams that won a national or international championship or high school teams that won a minimum of 3 provincial championships within a 6 year period.


a) Maintenance – The Chair will over-see the regular maintenance of the site including cleaning, changing  displays, any necessary repairs, and improvements. Keys will be distributed to all those assisting in maintenance.

b) Dinner – The Chair will recruit a group of people to assist in the planning of the induction dinners (program, hotel liaison, tickets, AV, awards etc.).

c) Nominating Committee – The Past Chair will form a group, with a majority of MBHOFM members, to review all nominations and put forward a slate of proposed inductees to the Management Committee.