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Al Rae


Induction Category

Olympic Referee, Writer

A graduate of Daniel McIntyre, Al, who started refereeing in church
leagues, became one of the best referees ever to blow a whistle on the
hardwood in Manitoba. In addition, his professional approach to
refereeing, in terms of his professional behavior on the court, such as
deportment and dress, and of his leadership off the court among his
fellow referees, Al was primarily responsible for elevating refereeing
to a very high level of professionalism.

Al went on to become a top referee not only nationally, but
also internationally. He refereed at the 1964, '68, '72, and '76
Olympics and at many other international competitions, such as the Pan
American, the World Student, and the Asian Games. In 1997, Al received
the 1997 International Basketball Federation's (FIBA) Award of Merit,
the first North American to be so honoured.

Al also wrote and edited two instructional manuals for referees and the FIBA rules casebook for 1974, '76, '80, '90, and '94.
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