The MBHOF is pleased to launch its new website and email newsletter in partnership with Basketball Manitoba.  The new site includes a number of new features that help showcase and preserve the rich history of basketball in Manitoba.  Some of the new features include...

  • Full details on every Player, Team or Builder that has been inducted into the Hall since 1983.
  • A new 'Induction Dinner' section featuring hundreds of photos from past induction dinners since 2001. 
  • A new 'Classic Games' section featuring over 80 full length basketball games which can be watch in their entirety going back into the 1940's
  • A new 'Yearbook Collection' section featuring over 1000 pages of archived documents from old scrapbooks and newspaper clippings from stories basketball programs going back into the 1920's.  
  • A new 'Video Collection' section featuring footage from the last 3 induction dinners and a number of other rare footage connected to basketball in Manitoba.
  • A new email based Hall of Fame newsletter to be used to keep the basketball community updated on the latest news.  
  • Detailed information on the MBHOF Museum located at the University of Winnipeg.
  • Options to support the Hall through donations, both financially and with artifacts.
  • Plus more content being added all the time!
Check out the new website at...

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