The University of Winnipeg and the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum are pleased to announce the relocation of the Hall and Museum space in the Duckworth Centre. It will remain on the mezzanine floor, but will be closer to the spectator entrance to the Dr. David F. Anderson Gymnasium, next to the Wesmen Concession area. This location will provide greater visibility and thus a higher profile to the public.

The move has come about as a result of the work being carried out related to the linking of the new UNITED Health and RecPlex and the Duckworth Centre. All renovations are expected to be completed this October.

wesmen-web-2005.gifThe outstanding support of the University of Winnipeg has resulted in the only permanent site in Canada for a Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum. The entire basketball community in Manitoba is indebted to the University for its commitment.

For more information, please contact...

Ross Wedlake
(204) 668-9494

Artist concept of new Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame & Museum


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