UPDATEAfter we posted a request for help identifying a basketball top/jersey that we were unable to identify, we learned some things about it that we would like to report.  With the help of  Nicole Rosen, the Head of Linguistics at the University of Manitoba, and her colleagues, we have learned that the lettering is Georgian დინამო თბილისი which translates into English as “Dinamo Tbilisi", which when searched, was found on a Wikipedia page about the basketball club:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BC_Dinamo_Tbilisi

The quest continues. Anyone who has any further information about it, please contact Ross Wedlake by email at rosswedlake@gmail.com.


The heritage collection at the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame and Museum continues to grow. We are adopting MUSETOBA, an online database which will allow public access to all items with descriptions and pictures. 

In this process, we have come across one basketball top/jersey that has us stumped. We are not sure how or when we acquired it or even what it says on it. The lettering is from a language that is unfamiliar to us. We are hoping that someone will assist us in identifying this item so that we can describe it correctly in our records. 

Anyone who has any information about it, please contact Ross Wedlake by email at rosswedlake@gmail.com.  

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