In 2023, Peg City Basketball started the “Summer Slam" with the goal of creating an annual summer celebration of basketball. This year they have built partnerships with Downtown Winnipeg Biz and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries and will host the event at The Forks, serving as a vibrant kickoff to the Canada Day celebrations. They hope to enhance the event with additional activities and are proposing the inclusion of a special "Legends" or "Hall of Fame" 3x3 half-court game. 

They envision this game to be a highlight event, bringing together some of the most esteemed members of our Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame to showcase their passion for the game. The proposed date for this game is Friday, June 28th. It would follow a celebrity/politician game. This scheduling would provide a perfect transition and maintain high energy and engagement from the audience. They will have a 3x3 court set up under the CN Stage at The Forks, serving as an amazing backdrop for the event. 

Participating in a "Legends" or "Hall of Fame" game would not only showcase the contributions of the many outstanding players honoured with induction into our Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame but, hopefully, inspire the younger generation and enrich the overall experience of Summer Slam 2024.

The event is open to all those who have been inducted into our Hall of Fame as a player, builder or team member. If you are not up to playing in such a game, we need coaches, referees, and other honoured members to cheer on those who are playing.  Anyone interested in participating in this event should contact Ross Wedlake at

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