Back Row: Ernie Smith (trainer), Mitch Baryluk, Ted Kozak, Mike Skwark, Gord Johnson, Rich Bevan, Mitch Baryluk Sr.
Front Row: Marting Terry, Ab Glowicki, Paul Granvosky, Carl Franke, Morley Rypp, Herb Olafsson, Jim Groat.

Inductee Information
Team Year 1951 Winnipeg Stellars
Team Winnipeg Stellars
Induction Year 1984
1950 Canadian Junior Champions
1951 Canadian Junior Champions
The 1951 Winnipeg Stellars have been inducted into the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame.

The 1951 Canadian Junior Championship team, the Winnipeg Stellars, (as pictured above) who made a habit of collecting basketball trophies after whipping West Orioles in the final of the popular pre-schedule knockout even at the armories. The cup had been up for competition three times, which made it unanimous in favor of the Dominion junior champions.

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