Front Row – Left to Right – John Wright, Jim Wright, Dick Herbertson, Dave Fraser, George Pratt, Bud Fraser (Coach)
Back Row – Dave Smith, Bob Rodgers, Ron Meyers (Manager), Stu Douglas, Gerry Janzen, Don Redmond
Missing – Rod Cooper

Back Row – Left to Right – Bud Fraser (Coach), Ab Hansford, George Pratt, John Wright, Jim Wright, Dave Smith, Ron Meyers (Manager)
Front Row – Gord Munro, Ron Dragan, Dave Fraser, Bill Lindsay, Rudy Schilling

Back Row – Left to Right – Jim Wright, Bud Fraser (Coach), Dick Herbertson, John Wright, Dave Smith
Front Row – Rudy Schilling, Gord Monro, Dave Fraser, Bill Novak, Graham Zelmer

Inductee Information

Team Year

1955, 1956 & 1957 Manitoba Bisons


Men's Basketball Teams

Induction Year



Three Time WCIAU Champions
At a time when there was no national championship, the Bisons won three consecutive Western Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union titles. Coached by Hall of Fame inductee, Bud Fraser, the team dominated university basketball in an era where most of their competition came from college teams in North Dakota and Minnesota. Their first championship in 1955 was the Bisons’ first since 1946 and saw them defeat the defending champion Alberta Golden Bears in Edmonton. This feat was duplicated for a second title in 1956. Their third championship was won at home at the Bison East Gym against the Saskatchewan Huskies. The teams were led by Hall of Fame inductees Dave Smith and Jim Wright but were also known for outstanding depth based on a talented group of role players.

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