Left to Right - Left to Right - Patty Reid, Judith Christiansen, Kathy Soke, Jodi Soke, Carol Wilson, Mr. Peter Gerbrandt (Coach), Karen Hurley, Donna Posnick, Terry Schafer, Kim Magill
Missing - Barb Kuz, Lisa Clemons

Back Row (Left to Right) - Kathy Van Mol, Donna Posnick, Susan Johnson, 
Karen Hurley, Marg Drewlo
Front Row (Left to Right) - Terri Dear, Patty Reid, Lisa Clemons, 
Missing - Mr. Al Fenske (Coach), Wendy Gutowski, Liza Lippoway, Nadine Sinclair

Left to Right - Ida Clemons, Jill Goodbrandson, Nancy Horon, Kathy Van Mol, Mr. Al Fenske (Coach), Cathy Kuz, Nan Callander, Wendy Goodbrandson, Sandi Soke 
Missing - Julie Bayliss (Manager), Shelly Donnelly (Manager)

Inductee Information

Team Year
1974-75, 1975-76, 1977-78 

Lord Selkirk Royals

Induction Year

1974-75, 1975-76, 1977-78 Provincial High School Champions
In an era when Manitoba high schools played in only three classifications, the Royals from Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive School in Selkirk dominated the competition in Varsity Girls by winning three MHSAA Provincial “B” championships in a four-year period. They went undefeated in their zone and had a well-deserved reputation of being very hard-working enthusiastic teams playing a very entertaining style of basketball.

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