Back Row (Left to Right) - Ron Hummelt, Mr. Peter Gerbrandt, (Coach), Brian Kowalchuk
Second Row (Left to Right) - Don Byers, Ron Myall, Ian Linklater, Murray Skrepich
Front Row (Left to Right) - Dave Schaefer, Trevor Reid, Mel Wechenko, Jeff Gunter

Missing - Greg Manahan, Wade Ferguson

Front Row (Left to Right) - Trevor Reid, Ron Myall, Don Byers, Murray Skrepich
Back Row (Left to Right) - Alan Devaney, Doug Holowachuk, Doran Reid, Chris Creran, David Schafer
Missing - Darren Miller, Gerry Doak, Robert Rogers, Jeff Gunter 
(Manager), Mr. Peter Gerbrandt (Coach)

Back Row (Left to Right) - Mr. Peter Gerbrandt (Coach), Blaine Kowerko, Don Byers, Lawrence Sahulka, Russ Pruden, Dave Schaefer, Murray Skrepich, Mr. Murray Hamm (Coach)
Front Row (Left to Right) - Al Devaney, Bob Guertz, Ron Myall, Rick Myall, Trevor Reid

Back Row (Left to Right) - Mr. Murray Hamm (Coach), Darcy Carroll, Dan Speer, Russ Jacobson, Trevor Hoilett, Mike Carroll, Mr. Peter Gerbrandt (Coach)
Middle Row (Left to Right) - Bill Burrows, Brent Roerick, Dave Manahan, Peter Vincenten
Front Row (Left to Right) - Gary Dear, Ed Still 

Inductee Information

Team Year
1976-77, 1978-79, 1980-81

Lord Selkirk Royals

Induction Year


1976-77, 1978-79, 1980-81 Provincial Champions
In an era when Manitoba high schools played in only three classifications, the Royals from Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive School in Selkirk dominated the “B” competition in Varsity Boys by winning an amazing four MHSAA Provincial Championships in a five-year period. During that period, they also defeated many bigger “A” schools in tournament play.

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