by Richard Harzing, Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame

If you're a basketball fan, you know all about the fast-paced, end-to-end action, three-point shooting style that plays out in today’s NBA games. But back in the ‘70s, the game looked nothing like it does today. The three-point line did not exist, hard fouls were just ordinary fouls, and if you wanted to get into the paint, you had to pay a price, as there was no such thing as a defensive three-second rule.

Yes, today’s NBA players have it easy compared to the physical demands of the game in the 1970s.

In Canada during this time, there was a basketball team whose individual skill sets complimented each other really well. They had decent size and tenacity, a winning attitude, and talented shooters, rebounders, and passers. Above all, they all shared a love of the game, and it led them to win three senior A Canadian basketball championships. That team was the St. Andrews Super Saints. 


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