Back Row: Ernie Zabolotny, Manager; Bob Checkwitch, Co-Captain; Dave Murata; Bill Hrynuik, Manager; Ed Kolomaya, Co-Captain; Wally Jarowec; Ken Murata; H.E. Snyder, Principal; Jim Downey, Coach.
Front Row: Paul Pushkar; Herb Peters; Ed Miller; Walter Oblinski; Don Lerch.

Inductee Information
Team Year 1955 Isaac Newton "Norwesters"
Team Isaac Newton "Norwesters"
Induction Year 1998
Achievements 1955 Provincial Champions

In the fall of 1957, Isaac Newton High School became Sisler High School. The varsity boys teams from both Newton and Sisler won four Provincial victories. In 1954-55 the Nor'westers from Isaac Newton High School, coached by Jim Downey, won the Provincial Championships, a triumphal end to their 33-0 season. In the following season, the 1955-56 Isaac Newton team placed second in the provincial championship. The next season, 1956-1957, they regained their crown as champions.

Even though the school name changed to Sisler High School, the winning tradition of Isaac Newton continued. In 1957-58 the Sisler Spartans had an incredible season of 39-1, and proceeded to win the Provincial Championship for the first time, under the guidance of coach Vic Pruden. The Spartans, with coach Gerry Dragan, were once again Provincial Champions in 1959-1960.
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