BACK: Kathy Moorhead, Betty Templeman (Asst. Coach), Kathy
Espeland, Karen Kemp, Rachel Bartinski, Geraldine Cote, Valerie
Machej, Susan Templeman, Sharon Stewart, Cheryl Olson, Mr. Terry
Gotziaman (Coach) 
FRONT: Cindy Cote, Kim Cayer, Lynn Cote,
Delanie Prasek, Lydia Cote, Gail Olson

BACK: Mr. Terry Gotziaman (Coach) Lydia Cote, Susan Templeman,
Karen Kemp, Valerie Machej, Geraldine Cote, Sally Prevost, Gail Olson,
Kathy Moorhead (Manager), Betty Templeman (Asst. Coach)
FRONT: Kim Cayer, Cindy Cote, Delanie Prasek, Sharon Stewart,
(Missing Rachel Bartinski)

BACK: Asst. Coach Betty Templeman, Elaine Sandul (Manager),
Karen Baines, Lyn Blackburde, Wendy Czechmeister, Gina Cayer,
Sandra Cisar, Sharran Culleton, Milli McLeod, Coach Mr. Terry
FRONT: Cindy Cote, Sharon Stewart, Delanie Prasek,
Pam Ruud, Tammy Rozsa

BACK: Coach Mr. Mark Gadient, Mary Hebel (Manager),
Penny Hovorka, Gayleen Rozsa, Wendy Thunder, Dee Dee Ostrom,
Nicky Cote, Janine Baines, Lori Kromlei (Stats), Coach Mr. Terry
FRONT: Sharran Culleton, Sandra Cisar, Pam Ruud, Lyn
Blackburde, Wendy Czechmeister

BACK: Coach Mr. Mark Gadient,
Theresa Johanson (Manager), Joyce Praymayer, Janine Baines,
Gayleen Rozsa, Andrea Spicer, Nicky Cote, Tara Prasek (Stats)
Coach Mr. Terry Gotziaman
FRONT: Lori Stewart, Wendy Thunder, Wendy Czechmeister,
Lyn Blackburde, Penny Hovorka 

BACK: Coach Mr. Mark Gadient, Tara Prasek (Stats)
Nicole Cote, Kim Buzahora, Emilia Hovorka,
Penny Turgeon, Theresa Johanson (Manager)
FRONT: Cheryl Brown, Penny Hovorka,
Wendy Thunder, Lori Stewart, Gayleen Rozsa

BACK: Coach Mr. Don McWhirter, Tara Prasek (Stats)
Cheryl Brown, Emilia Hovorka, Laura Krasniuk, Susan McLeod, Leah
Hebel, Coach Mr. Mark Gadient 
FRONT: Lisa Preteau, Patricia Brown,
Adriane Cote Dawn Bartinski, Alana Fostey (Manager)

BACK: Alana Fostey (Stats) Bonnie Zimmerman, Deanna Chenier,
Christa Vogt, Michelle Jernberg, Monique Tardiff, Coach Mr. John
FRONT: Melissa Hovorka, Cindy Czechmeister,
Lorelie Rozsa, Tina Schoenbach
Inductee Information

Team Year

1973-74, 1974-75, 1977-78, 1980-81, 1981-82, 1982-83, 1985-86 & 1988-89


Ross L. Gray Raiders (Sprague) - Varsity Girls

Induction Year



6 MHSAA Provincial ‘A’ Championships & 2 MHSAA Provincial ‘AA’ Championships
The Raiders of Ross L. Gray School in Sprague established a true dynasty in Manitoba high school basketball by winning eight MHSAA provincial championships over two decades. With the rapid consolidation of schools between 1966 and 1968, the Consolidated School District of Sprague was formed. The first principal, Mr. Marvin Hovorka, felt that basketball would be a great team sport for the students. The Sprague Centennial Hall was used as the first gymnasium before the present school gym was opened in 1972. The Raiders won six ‘A’ championships and two ‘AA’ level championships.

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